Monday, December 21, 2009

Sylvie singing Christmas carols
Sylvie and I wish you a Blessed Christmas as you celebrate the Birthday of Jesus Christ. May your cup overflow with love, peace, kindness and joy in the New Year
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Oops, I caught Roy enjoying his scone - sorry Roy, I caught you on candid camera
Mike led us in Christmas carols with his guitar, while Ann and Joann accompanied him. The residents of the home loved it and sang along as best they could.

This sweet lady enjoyed her son singing to her during his visit.
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The Royal Ladies Tea Society visited a local nursing home and presented them with a tea. It was such a lovely treat for them and a blessing to us that served them.
These two darling ladies enjoyed the singing.
Ann & Kara made friends with these ladies
Liza set the tables with her fine Christmas china, clotted cream, lemon curd, and fresh baked scones
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Aren't these the cutest centerpieces??? You need graham crackers, pecans, candy corn, striped cookie & Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls for body. These look a little messy, the chocolate didn't melt enough to use as glue
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Ian and Bronwen sharing our early Thanksgiving
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Jordyn & Bronwen making Turkey centerpieces
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Friends from Australia were here a week before Thanksgiving, so we had a traditional dinner for them. It's not as though they haven't had turkey, it's all the trimmings that really count. They were amazed about all the fuss we go to and it was fun to share it with them.